Moment Lens plus iPhone 7+ for Instagram


Don’t get me wrong. DSLRs are awesome and extremely versatile but… They are bulky and heavy.

When I first bought my Canon in 2008 I was so enthusiast that I used to carry it around 24/7. Then I started to feel like a cave-troll of the Lord of the Rings and the initial sparkle faded away gradually.

At that time Olloclip was the smartest and cheapest option on the market and I loved it. Not only I was positively surprised by the quality of the photos, but I didn’t feel like a pack elephant any longer. No heavy and cumbersome bag to carry around.

Then 2 years ago Moment Lens made their official appearance and that was a game changer.  They were such a step further from the market standard in terms of lack of distortion and quality that YEAH… I forgot how a DSLR looked like.

In the meantime I looked for some photo editing apps that would enable me to edit my photos in similar ways I edited them on my notebook (I was an Aperture fan). It took me a few days and a few euros to find apps like ProCamera and Slow Shutter. Then VSCO cam and Mextures joined the family some weeks later.

Since then, I visited many  countries and cities and photographed hundreds of landscapes and situations.

iPhone 7plus + Wide Angle Moment + Vsco Cam filter C6

iPhone 7+ and Moment Wide Angle shot at 18:30pm

Moment case  for iPhone 6… YES YOU CAN!

If you are an iPhone 6 user you can either stick the plastic plate with the 3M adhesive to your phone or buy the Moment case where the iPhone will perfectly fit in.

My first option was the plate but that wasn’t really a good choice since I was scratching all  my pockets and pulling the iphone out of the places wasn’t quick and handy.

Switching from the Tele Lens to the Wide one was a standard operation that I kept repeating for at least 2-3 times per day.

World has become for sure a better place for me when I started using the Wide Angle in combo with the Moment Case

When Moment released the iPhone case in combo with the Moment app it took me 5 minutes to gear toward that kind of set up and so I ditched the plastic plate (removing the plate isn’t that comfortable but doable). But then after a few months… Here we go again. iPhone 7 is introduced which meant a different form = Moment Lenses didn’t fit anymore. Ouch!

But Moment reacted quite fast. As soon as the iPhone was out, they put a an iPhone 7 status page online and kept their customers informed about if and how the Moment lens will work with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. The plastic part comes from Hong Kong and costs 20$ when shipped to Italy. Delivery time 3 days.

The plate is very easy and straightforward to install once again and works fine. But the problems are the same I had experienced with the previous plate.

Unfortunately the lens works only without the 1x zoom but not with the 2x one.  And this is so far a big drawback. Moment claims they are going to sort this out with next case release in June.

Moment plate for iPhone 7+ with Wide Angle

Wide Lens applied to Moment Plate

Moment case  + iPhone 7plus = Never Disappoint Your Outfit (@ndyo_u)

What do you basically need to become a fashion influencer?

For sure some money to squander over the last hyped and sought-after releases (or good friends working for fashion shops) but that’s not all.

A terrific photo set up is what you are looking for if you really want to set yourself aside. I do that in a very simple way without the help of anybody.

You need a tripod, an iPhone 7(plus possibly), a light/dark grey counter, an apple watch and a lot of natural light. I know I know… Money again. But imagine if you had to opt for a DSLR. How much would it be? 3-4 times more plus again a bulky and uncomfortable instrument.

Of course using an iPhone obliges you to compromise a bit on the final image quality but iPhone 7 plus Moment Lens plus smart photo editing app result into a very compelling final result.


Off white SS17 shot with iPhone 6 and Moment Wide


Off White SS2017

Here some useful links where you can find the mentioned products:


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